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child_dessertTraveling the world — terratrotting — is how we like to live, not just as a vacation to be experienced once a year, but as a way of life. And we want to share this dream and its resources with you.

What drives us? Just to be out there, exploring new smells and tastes in the middle of a busy market, building connections, as well as enjoying nature’s beauty. Living life, instead of being lived. The world has so much to offer and we want to experience and appreciate it to its fullest.

How? In the winter of 2014 we bought our future tiny house, not one that is built on a plot of land but one on four wheels, the Steyr 12M18 truck – a 4×4 expedition vehicle made for all climates. With our far-from-retiring budget we have to get our hands dirty during the remodeling of this old truck.

flower_dessertFor how long? There is no return day marked in the calendar. We plan to live on the road untill ….. the wind changes. This means that work continues to be a major part of our life, with Elmer already having a “flexible” but stable job and Nicole working hard to build a new career for herself as well.

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