Build an expedition truck: Motorcycle carrier

Yamaha TW200 | Terratrotter

“We’re going to take bikes with us. It will keep us in shape and it’s cheaper.”

“Ha, we used our bikes only once during our Africa trip. Take a motorcycle with, trust me! You will not regret it.” said a friend.

But we thought we knew better. So we bought two new mountain bikes: same brand and type, and with old-fashioned rim brakes. This would make is easier for us to repair them.

During our trip through Romania, we figured out that our friend was right and we were wrong. We, flatlanders, are not built (at least not yet; not giving up hope 😉 ) for biking up and down real mountains.

Elmer easily convinced me that a motorcycle might not be such a bad idea. It helped, of course, that I was in the midst of trying to bike up the 6th or 7th hill of the day.

Eventually, Elmer surprised me with a Yamaha TW200 from 1988 for Christmas. Although not planned, we had a 80’s theme going: The Steyr, the zeppelin-shelter (i.e. container transformed into our camper unit), the motorcycle and one of the drivers (me) are born in the 1980’s.

As a lot of things in and on this expedition truck, the motorcycle carrier had to be custom-made. Once more we drove to our welder. I’m sure he was happy to see us 🙂


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