Protecting the engine oil and fuel

In the month of February we upgraded the truck a little more:

  • We installed a new fuel cap. During the Christmas holidays someone tried to get access to the fuel. Luckily for us they failed but the fuel cap endured too much damage and needed to be replaced. This of course raises the question “Should you have a lock on your fuel tank?”. Stories have been told about holes being drilled into the tank as a way to steal the truck’s fuel. This is of course far worse than only having your fuel stolen. What are your thoughts on this? Currently, we have still a fuel cap with a lock; we hope we will not regret this decision.
  • Sadly enough people also encountered sand being thrown into their engine oil, with horrible consequences for the truck’s engine. Also with the Steyr 12M18 this can be easily done (see picture), thus we installed a custom-made box (sponsored by Excap) with padlock to protect the engine oil and coolant fluid filler caps.


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