Camping in the Ardennes

Camping in the Ardennes Belgium

A tent, a sleeping bag and an a “crazy” aunt ;-).  

All the ingredients for a fun week in the Belgian Ardennes. 

This past week I -Nicole- was in the Belgian Ardennes with family. It was the first time camping for my nephew (11) and niece (8). We had to make it a success!

“Wait one moment. Were you guys not in Romania???”
Yes we were and we will be back soon. But Elmer has to work the following weeks and I have an operation scheduled in August, so we both flew back home for a few weeks. The ideal time to also spend some time with family – and what better way to do this than exploring the outdoors.

“Ferme Klein Rost”

This cozy and child-friendly campsite was located at a farm in Beho, Belgium. It was the perfect spot to introduce the kids to the wonders of camping.

It wasn’t an over the top luxurious campsite, but with a playground, forest and cows a wonderful place to get rid of all that extra energy. Definitely a place we would recommend fellow overland travelers. (


Exploring the Ardennes

An adventurous walk along the Ninglispoo

Sadly, I arrived a day too late to join my sister and kids on this walk – one of the most beautiful in Belgium. The Ninglispoo is a mountain river, creating an environment in which each child forgets (s)he is actually walking.


You can’t go to the Ardennes in the summer and not kayak at least once. For my niece, it was the first time (8).  She joined me and her mom in one kayak. The boys took another one. Of course this created a boys against girls battle 🙂 We had so much fun that there was no time for pictures, sorry.

Parc Chlorophylle

This park is a mix of adventure and learning about forests and their wildlife. We tracked animals, horsed around in the playground, walked in treetops, read about its magic, … On TripAdvisor this park receives 4 stars; we totally agree! (Website Parc Chlorophylle)


Time went by way too quickly! Hopefully they will join us one day on our great adventure.


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  1. Nicole…it might be a good idea to invest in some quality sunglasses if you intend to travel to sunny countries.Strong sun reflecting off Elmer’s chrome dome might cause an accident if you’re driving the Steyr…better safe than sorry.

    1. Bob are you sponsoring our new sunglasses? What brand will we get? I can send you my eyeglass prescription 😉

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