Diesel pest: Dealing with diesel contamination

We’re finally on our way to Romania. But before we left we first addressed our diesel contamination issue: “diesel-pest” – fuel residue.

Diesel pest is a natural micro-organism in conventional diesel, which propagates immensely in the diesel system (tank, filters, …) due to condensation.  As a result we experienced torque issues and clogged filters.  With the contamination spreading time between changing filters became increasingly shorter.

Clean filter on the left

So a professional cleaning of our truck diesel system was in order. Six months after the first signs of the contamination and exactly 1 month since the last time the filters were replaced, our truck rolled into the repair shop.


The cleaning took approx. 2 hours and entailed:

  • Removal of the diesel tank so it could be completely cleaned.
  • Replacing the 30 year old fuel lines with new ones.
  • Installing new filters.


Once our diesel system was contamination free, we were offered the incredible opportunity to test an innovative diesel fuel: C.A.R.E.®-diesel. This diesel is organic, but not a conventional biodiesel. CARE stand for:

  • C: CO2-Reduction
  • A: Arctic Grade
  • R: Renewable
  • E: Emission Reduction

On top of all, the growth of micro-organisms in this fuel is not possible. Curious, how our STEYR reacts to this fuel.

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4 thoughts on “Diesel pest: Dealing with diesel contamination
    1. Hi Bart,

      I have a post ready about our positive experience with C.A.R.E-diesel (will post it later this month). When we drive on regular diesel we now always use an additive (see picture), since we notice that the diesel pest otherwise returns. Diesel additive

      Nicole & Elmer

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