Building a full-size expedition truck in 8 weeks: fact or fiction?

ABSOLUTELY FICTION!!! Even for a professional – with a team and all the materials (and vehicle) in stock – this is very difficult to achieve.

Every time we thought “a simple thing” would only take one hour it easily took up a full day if not longer. 

How long did it take us?

After 2.5 years of sweat, blood and tears we were very happy to have the truck finished. It took us over 1500 hours (PS: multiply this by your hourly pay 😉 )  Not only for the build itself but also the brainstorming, searching and researching of the materials, tools, equipment, … you name it. Almost every free minute went into the truck – tired or not; with sun burning or the snow keeping our fingers nicely crisp. Not only did the precision and sometimes very specialized work take way more time than we ever had guessed, we also spent hours on the computer, talking to specialist, drawing sketches, driving to stores, …

And we’re not the exception!

So how much time do you have?

Our conclusion after talking to many builders: it takes in general a couple at least 1 year to build a quality truck. IF they can work on it full-time AND already have some experience with these kind of projects. 

Do you have that time and patience?

Happy travels,

Nicole & Elmer

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3 thoughts on “Building a full-size expedition truck in 8 weeks: fact or fiction?
  1. Did you sell the truck?
    Is it still for sale?
    As i posted before, the link doesn’t work.

  2. Hallo,
    ich schliesse mich dem Vorfrager an: Ist euer Truck noch verfügbar?
    Besten Dank für eine kurze Nachricht

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