Building an Expedition Vehicle: Work in progress

We made progress on transforming our FM2 Zeppelin shelter into a complete off-grid camper unit.

Double Blue U-11

A smile appeared on our faces when a deliveryman handed over this package:

It’s the Double Blue U-11 water treatment system we purchased for our expedition truck. Once we have it installed we will write a full report about it, promised. However, we will already quickly answer the question “why did we choose this system?“:

  1. very compact and easy to install
  2. 2-in-1 solution: 5 micron filter and a UV-light providing us clean drinking water
  3. compatible with various electrical systems (12V, 24V, 110 V or 230V)
  4. for a good price (the starter pack as well as the replacement parts are well below the prices of many others)

We can’t wait to see it running.

Disclosure:  After we decided to purchase this product (for the above mentioned reasons) we did receive a promotional discount. As always we will write any review or post honestly.


UPDATE: Sadly, we ran in multiple electronic issues with the Double Blue. Only after the second replacement it now runs without issues.



24V lighting

In search of 24V lighting for the camper unit we discovered they can be rather expensive. So we made a visit to a certain yellow and blue “Swedish” furniture store 😉 where we scored lights that didn’t cost us a fortune.

We will also install LED-strips underneath the cabinets for indirect lighting effects.

Customizing the bed

Remember that we constructed a bed on rails? Well we customized it even more!

We had an additional c-frame build, which we attached with a strut bed mechanism to the original bedframe. As a result we can

  1. level the bed for a good night sleep
  2. move it up and down
  3. tilt it so we have quick and easy access to the storage room underneath the bed.

Once it is completely finished we will add some more pictures and details about this construction.

In addition, the people at Henke were so kind to powder coat the two frames in matte white with a fine texture. We love the end result! What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Building an Expedition Vehicle: Work in progress
    1. I think you will be right! We are so looking forward to moving into our new home on wheels.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      We move it manually up and down. To move the entire bed up – the rail system – we have to move one side at the time. But honestly we don’t use the rail system often anymore. We use blocks under the wheel to level the truck. And since the second modification (the struts) we can easily access the space underneath.

      Nicole & Elmer

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