Building an expedition vehicle: Kitchen – Part 1

Kitchen in Expedition truck | Terratrotter

Here are the first pictures of the interior of our expedition truck.

We opted for a decent size indoor kitchen even though we prefer to cook/grill outside. Sometimes the weather will not allow outdoor cooking or sometimes is just nice to have breakfast in bed, right!

Caravan sinkWe personally don’t like the compact sink-stove combinations with glass top you find in most caravans, mobilhomes, etc.

  • The sinks are often too small to wash your pans and pots
  • On the 3 burner stoves you can barely put 2 pots.
  • We heard people complain about breaking the glass top when something fell out the cupboard above.

Sink in our kitchen

So instead we stopped at a “swedisch” store 😉 and  a local DIY-store for a regular sink and faucet. We still need to finish the plumbing, so you will have to wait a little longer for a report about that (part 2).

We are not sure yet if we want a built-in stove. So for right now, we will put our camping gas stove or induction plate on top of  the kitchen counter.

On the other side of the kitchen counter, we installed a high cabinet / closet. It holds the 165l fridge (incl. 40l separate freezer) and will also the place where we can store clothes (hanging), laundry, shoes, etc.

Behind and above all the cabinets we left enough room for air to circulate. This will prevent mold issues and will help with heating the camper unit.  We purchased the cabinets (incl. aluminium locks) from ZEPBOX, a company specialised in building camper units for expedition trucks.


Kitchen Part 2 –> 

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