Our next destination: Romania

We don’t think any of you would have guessed we would start our adventure by driving to Romania*. Nor would we have guessed this a few months ago.

* Note: We even wanted to organize a contest and send a gift to the first person who would have guessed our first destination. But those who have met us in person know we both love to chat and we just couldn’t keep our mouth shut at the Abenteuer & Allrad expo.

We have already been to Black Sea-area , so why would we return when there is still so much more to explore in Europe**?

As most overland travelers know, plans can change quickly and drastically.

Why Romania?

Through the overland community we got in contact with a Dutch guy who lives and works in Romania. We talked about the things that still needed to get done before the truck would be ready for all climates and terrain, and for for us to live in it full-time (we realize this differs from person to person):

  • shower (both in- and outdoor)
  • heating
  • outdoor-kitchen
  • large diesel tank (preferable diesel pest free 😉 )
  • storage box for the gas tanks
  • overhaul of the drivers cab
  • roof rack for the spare tire
  • bike- and future motorbike rack

Like it usually goes when talking to other overlanders, a new plan was created: “Why not start our trip-with-no-end now and get the last work done in Romania(with cheaper labor there making it also more affordable).

And to be honest, we were not aware that Romania also has so much beauty to offer: Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, the natural parks from the Carpathians, …

image credit: http://www.romania.travel
image credit: http://www.romania.travel

We probably just chose the wrong area at the wrong time – field after field covered in dead sunflowers – the last time we drove through Romania. Hopefully we catch them in bloom this time around.


**Why Europe?

We know some of you might be surprised, some even shocked, that we start our adventure in Europe. However, for us this was a conscious decision from the early start. So what is behind it:

  1. We are not in a rush. We do not have a deadline to make, no return date by when we have to see it all, this is not a vacation nor a sabbatical, so we try to enjoy each road we take, slowly.
  2. We are Europeans, so when we travel to another continent and people ask us about where we come from we want to have something to tell and show.
  3. (Related to 2) There is still so much to see and do in Europe. Adventure is not always far away.
  4. In case we miscalculated or forgot to arrange something, we are still “close-by” to sort it out in a timely matter.
  5. Less struggles to combine travel- and work-life. We’re just a short fly away.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to adjust to the new lifestyle.

And although we had not foreseen this, leaving my family became a much harder thing to do due to my mom passing away a few months ago. So it gives me comfort that by starting our travels in Europe I can still see them often or be there quickly when needed.


And what are your plans this summer? 



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