Overland Travel: Danube Delta

Danube Delta – Romania

This summer we crossed the Danube River at least a dozen times. It’s the second longest river in Europe and originates in Germany. Then it flows southeast for 2,860 km (1,780 mi) until the Black Sea.

Since we followed it most of its way, from beginning to end, we had to visit it’s delta as well. The Danube Delta is the best preserved river delta on the European Continent. The greater part lies in Romania  (3,446 km2 or 1,331 sq mi). The delta is known for its variety and large population of birds.

Although we hit a stroke of bad luck with the weather, and as a result saw fewer birds, we’re still happy we went on the 3hr boat ride.

Note: We booked the boat ride at the camp site – Camping Dan Fisherman – where we stayed for the night. It’s a smaller and very hospital camping ground.  They organize their own excursions. So we shared the boat only with 2 other people.

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