Overland travel & Family

Overland travel and family - Happy holidays and have fun exploring

For many of us the holiday season is in full motion. Food is being prepared, glasses are filled (again and again), lost memories are being re-salvaged and dreams are shared with one another.


  • “WHAT?! You are going to travel the world?”
  • “Pretty much yeah”
  • “When you retire, right?”
  • “Not exactly”
  • “Huh? What? … I don’t understand”


After you manage to make your overland travel plans a little more digestible, you reassure your worried mother/father/sister/brother/auntie/…. — we bet there is someone who is worried— it is not too unsafe “out there”. It is a brave new world; just maybe you accidently forgot to mention some of those “dangerous” countries that our on your list.


  • “And how are you going to pay for all that?”


Say you even have figured that one out. AWESOME! And they still don’t think you completely lost your mind? Even better!

Okay, okay, some will think you are completely nuts; trust us.

But then there is that other tough question:


  • “What about us – family – and your friends?”
  • …. “Yeah about that…”


The hesitation in your voice is clearly noticeable.

Although excited about making your dream come true, you can’t deny that it comes at a price; the family gatherings you will miss or the big events you would have loved to witness.

After all that time and energy you put into making this journey possible, the time you will miss with family and friends stays a delicate topic.


Should I stay or should I go now? Only you know the right answer.


Even for non-overland travelers spending time with family can be a challenge. Many people work far more than 9 to 5’s and take work home (at least I did). Or what about working irregular hours making family plans difficult (Elmer knows everything about that). You work hard, but for what?

Maybe there is way you can live your dream and still nurture your family bonds??? We will at least try, by relying on modern technology (Skype – FaceTime – Whatsapp – …) and  regularly flying back “home” for family visits. But overall, we will miss them for sure!


Bonus: Traveling with kids

Can you make an overland journey with kids?

Absolutely you can!

We understand that overland travel is not for everyone (although we highly recommend it 🙂 ), but if you are wondering if you can explore the world with you kids these families demonstrate that traveling with kids can be positive and educational experience for them:


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