Overland travel & Freedom to Play

Skydiving in New Zealand - Nicole

What is on our bucket list when traveling around the world?

What kind of fun and memorable things will we experience?

These questions popped-up when I saw the following picture:

Girl jumping in ball pin Image credit: Pearlfisher. All images used with permission

I immediately thought “Awesome, I would so love to do this.”  And probably many of you will join me as well.

It made me realize that some of the things I’m looking forward to while living on the road are not directly linked to overland travel – not in the strict sense anyway-, but more with the broader idea of creating the freedom to play, to make peoples eyes sparkle, to be curious about new or unusual things, to simply enjoy the moment without any other purpose.

Guy jumping into white ball pit
Image credit: Pearlfisher. Image used with permission

Every time I look back at that picture I start to smile, imagining how it would feel to just jump in. So I started searching about who took this picture and for what purpose. And that is how I discovered this picture did exactly what it was designed to do.

The featured ball pit is an interactive winter art installation that promotes the transformative power of play and is called JUMP IN!  It was designed by Pearlfisher, partnering with a charity called Right to Play, “to champion the transformative power of play to educate and empower children facing adversity”. The installation of these 81.000 white balls was inspired by “playful snowy scenes“.  I have to admit I’m impressed how well the ideas behind this ball pit match my own reaction to it – Remember that also love making snow angles?

Offroading with Jeep Wrangler - TerratrotterWhy I love these things? Well it is probably similar to why Elmer is looking forward to go offroading with the truck next month. I’m sure it’s not only about mastering and getting to know the truck better. It is simply fun, play for plays sake!

Terratrotter STEYR12M18 Expedition Truck Offroading

And play has the extra bonus that it stimulates creativity and interpersonal relationships, and it also makes you feel energetic and helps you unwind after a stressful day. It’s probably what makes Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rocket Dessert attract so many people every year (and why it’s on my bucket list as well): “A temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.” – In other words, it promotes the freedom to play, to make your eyes sparkle, to be curious about new or unusual things, to simply enjoy the moment without any other purpose.

This is also why I would once more do something crazy like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. It was one of the best experiences I ever had:

The adrenaline rush when sitting on that ledge the moment before you fall thousands of feet down. Followed by an unreal magical stillness when the parachute opens and you’re a privileged witness of one side the sun going down above the green New-Zealand meadows and sparkling lake and on the other side the moon rising above the snow-hooded mountains. What it is not to love about that!


What is on your playful bucket list? 


making a snow angle & seize the day quote

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