Overland travel: German Christmas Market

Notwithstanding the very sad events that just took place in Berlin, we would like to remember the positive spirit of the German Christmas Markets and wish you happy holidays!

This month we visited two Christmas Markets (called “Weihnachtsmarkt”) in Germany: One in Frankfurt and one medieval one at the Castle in Ronneburg. Family and two new friends from Spain, Juan Pedro & Alicia,  joined us.


Christmas Market Frankfurt

Christmas village decorationThe Frankfurt Christmas Markets opens at the end of November, until a few days before Christmas eve. It’s one of the oldest in Germany, dating back till 1393. More than 200 small stalls sell Christmas decorations, wooden toys, lighted ceramic houses, … and lots of food (bratwurst, pretzels, sweets, …)  and drinks.

A traditional alcoholic Christmas drink is “Feuerzangenbowle“. It is often prepared in a large copper bowl, suspended above a fire/burner. The bowl is filled with Glühwein. Above the bowl a metal grate is mounted which holds a block of sugar, soaked in rum, which is set on fire. As a result the sugar melts, caramelizes and drips into the bowl. Feuerzangenbowle is served warm in a terracotta mug.


Medieval Christmas Market Ronneburg

The Christmas Market in Ronneburg takes place at the town’s castle, Burg Ronneburg. The medieval atmosphere and its much smaller scale makes this a completely different market than the city ones.

People dressed up in medieval clothes, the wooden marry-go-round, the trumpets playing christmas songs, and much more makes this a unique experience for young and old. Not only can you wander around the market itself, you can also explore the rooms inside the castle walls. And if you always wanted to try on (even buy) a suit of armor, this is the place to be.








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