Overland travel: Into the woods


“No rain!” Elmer said after checking the weather app.
Relieved, we put on our thermal underwear … and if your name was Nicole you added 2 extra layers, your snow pants and -boots. It would still be cold, you know, freezing even.

With homemade pumpkin-sweet potato soup, a Mexican-style salad, seasoned chicken for the BBQ, a few bottles of red win and beer we still had left over from Slovenia, we’re ready for a weekend in the German woods.

We met up with a few other overland travelers at 500 acre of land. With the exception of one person, I had never met these people. Some of them were old friends of Elmer, others where friends of friends (including Martin from jeepermtj.com). But known or unknown, all that doesn’t matter, since we all share the same love for wild camping and overland travel.


The night

And a wonderful time we had! The stories, food and drinks flowed abundantly. The large campfire kept us all warm and gave all our clothes that smokey winter aroma. Stepping away from it was of course on your own risk ūüėČ And since we were still 3 weeks away from having our heating installed, ¬†my 3 layers of clothes, blanket and¬†skihead kept me warm during the night. And yes Elmer helpt as well, since he decided his side of the bed was too cold, so our 1m40 bed was all of the sudden¬†half the size ūüôā


The next day

Slowly  the camp woke up. Those that stayed up till 3 AM, a little later then the rest. But by 10:30 AM we all stood around the campfire once again, with hot coffee or soup in our hands. Perfect!

Once the sleep was out of our eyes and our cars packed, we headed out to another side of the woods. The friends who lease this land are responsible for its wildlife. This also entails that they have to keep the boar population under controle, which we now discover is a big issue in this area. Therefore, they can (need to) hunt them all year round.

Since one of the hunting stands has seen its best days, it urgently needed to be taken down. With enough horse and man power around this shouldn’t be a problem!

As a perfect ending of this wonderful weekend, we were invited to their house for roasted wild boar, dumplings and red cabbage. Delicious!



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    1. It really was. We feel at home, at peace around our truck and the woods. And when you can share that with people who enjoy it as much as you do, it makes it that much more special.

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