Regret (not) traveling the world?

Regrets about not traveling the world

Would you regret traveling the world?

Many of answer this question with a rapid “No, of course not!”

But why don’t you follow up with this dream? What holds you back? Family, money, your career, …?

Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

If you travel the world AND

  • run out of cash,
  • miss important family events
  • have difficulties finding a new job afterwards

would you regret your decision?

This question is more difficult, right.  The plausible risks are not something you wish for. When they occur, you would be disappointed at the least. But will you think “I should have stayed home”?


Would you regret NOT traveling the world?

This question is tricky as well. Your answer might change: “Maybe not right now, but I might when I’m older?”

Postponing your dreams till after your retirement is risky. If you are as unlucky as my mom,  you might never see that day. Plus you’re not guaranteed that your health will play along. You might physically not be able to do the things you want to do.

How would you feel about that? You might regret not having traveled more. Not that the absence of a travel experience has any immediate negative consequences, but travel has a purpose and can have a profound impact on your life in general.

“I never dared to do it”-regrets are also the ones we remember better than the memories of a failed attempt, when we did pursue something but it didn’t turn out so great. Because in the latter situation we can say “at least I tried”.


So, before you decide to stick to your corporate job, OR to leave everything behind to go on that big adventure, you might want to consider this:

“In the end, what will I regret the most?”


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