Travel gear: Italian espresso maker

Italian espresso maker in the dessert

We used different types of coffee makers in the past (dip brew/filter coffee, French press, etc.). The  Italian stove top espresso maker, also called the Moka pot or Italian press,  is by far our favorite.

  • compact
  • lightweight; stainless steel bottom, aluminum structure
  • mobile
  • can be used on the different types of stoves  (electricity is not required)


Tip 1: Do not buy the cheap aluminum ones. They will corrode quickly – giving your coffee a funny taste – and will eventually not be able to hold the pressure needed to brew the coffee. (If we still had our old one we could have shown you a picture)

Tip 2: Grind your coffee beans a little coarser than for an espresso machine to prevent sediment in your brew.



Note 1: We received our current one (image above) as a gift from other overland travelers. For us it is the perfect size: We can make 2 cups of coffee with it (or 3 espresso cups). Pouring the coffee without spilling is a little tricky with this one, but we can live with that (for us not a reason to buy another one). This particular espresso maker does not work on an induction plate.

Note 2: If you don’t like the boldness of espresso style coffee, than this is not the right coffeemaker for you.


You can buy it online here: 

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