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Mason Pearson Brush | Terratrotter

Is their something like a special brush? Absolutely!

I own a Mason Pearson brush for a decade now, and it’s worth every penny.

Before the Mason Pearson brush I broke at least one brush a year. Seriously, first their handles broke off and then eventually the heads gave in as well. On top of that brushing my curly hair was a nightmare; just so incredible painful. All that changed the day my sister introduced me to her Mason Pearson brush; I didn’t need to think twice before getting one myself. Somehow, their patented pneumatic rubber-cushion does wonders. It truly makes a difference.

Mason Pearson pocket brushThe Mason Pearson brush is

  • absolutely build to last,
  • kind to you and your kids: no screaming or pain anymore,
  • not mass produced: most of the work is carried out by hand.

Note: I use the Mason Pearson Nylon & Bristle Pocket hair brush. It’s one of their best sellers. After 10 years of abuse it is losing only some of the nylon tufts, which is impressive ( If you have fine hair you might want to go for the Bristle Only brush instead; if you have very thick or wiry hair you might want to consider the Nylon Only version. They also have military models, which come without a handle.

You can buy it online here: 

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