Travel gear: Ruby cup

Guys, this is also for you! We know you want your wife, girlfriend, daughter,… to enjoy the outdoors and overland travel as much as you do.  Show them you care by telling them about this product, it will make a huge difference!


The Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup:

  • eco-friendly & economical
    • reusable up to 10 years! (4 cups versus 12.000 tampons in a lifetime)
    • no need to find a place where you can dispose your sanitary waste
  • women-friendly
    • hypoallergenic, no chemicals or perfumes
    • made from 100% Medical Silicone
    • no drying out (it collects the flow, it doesn’t absorb; it can be inserted before flow starts to avoid accidents)
    • it can stay inside the body up to 12 hours  (move freely and without worries)
  • compact & light (you only have to pack one!)


Menstrual Cup - Ruby Cup close-up

Why Ruby Cup versus other brands?: It’s social mission! Ruby cup applies a “Buy One Give One” model through which it supports women and girls in developing countries  who otherwise stay out of school due to no being able to afford sanitary products.


Ruby cup comes in multiple colours  and in 2 sizes: small (younger women; women with low cervix) or medium (women with children; for heavy days)


You can buy it online here: 

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