Travel gear: The safety razor

Safety razor

If you don’t want to go for the 100% bohemien look, guys you will have to continue shaving or at least keep those beard boundaries under control. There is no reason why you can’t do this in style during your overland travel adventures.


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Why a safety razor?:

  • Built to last! (You only need to buy them once in your lifetime!)
  • Environment friendly:  no plastic!
  • No electricity needed
  • Budget friendly: Razor blades are much cheaper than cartridge razors (any razor blades fit any brand of safety razor)
Feather Safety Razor Blade
A very popular razor blade

Merkur Safety Razor Blade

  • A better quality shave (less to no irritable skin and a closer shave without any pressure needed)
  • Safer and more comfortable than the straight razor
  • Easy to clean.
  • Also available in extreme compact modelsCompact Merkur Safety Razor
  • And be honest, it also looks great!



The different components

  1. Safety Razor
  2. Razor Blades (any razor blades fit any brand of safety razor)
  3. Shaving Brush & Soap & Mug
  4. After-shave lotion





Note 1: The safety razor is the only gear item on our gear list we currently do not own, yet. The blades of the safety razor are easily removed and therefore not allowed in your carry-on luggage, only in your checked baggage. However, Elmer currently flies multiple back-to-back trips with carry-on luggage only. In his rather exceptional situation the safety razor is not so practical.  Otherwise, this is a great item to take with you on your next overland journey.

Note 2: While researching safety razors, I discovered they are also recommended for women’s shaving need. So I still have something to test out.

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