Video: Terratrotter in Croatia

Video of two expedition trucks, a STEYR 12M18 & DAF Leyland, on a road trip to Croatia; incl. some video footage of us snorkeling.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Terratrotter in Croatia
  1. Hi, Do the owners of the DAF have a website – we are thinking of putting together (slowly) and expedition truck and it is easier for us in the UK to get a DAF than a Steyr so I just wanted to see if they had documented the process.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Adrian

      The owners of the Daf don’t really have a website about the building process. But if you like I can get you in contact with them since the Daf is for sale. With or without the living unit. I also know that they still have a factory new drivers cabin and the Daf had a lot of work done! Sandblasted chassis and new transfer box with overdrive.

      Take care

      Elmer & Nicole

      1. Elmer & Nicole,
        Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As I said we are just in the beginning process of thinking about a truck – we still need to get our truck driving licences 😀 At present I am mainly looking into 2 things: 1) Interior plans and 2) How to fit things like an FM2 shelter to a truck like the DAF. If they have any photos it would help 😀

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