Expedition Truck

Overland vehicle: The Expedition Truck

An expedition truck is not just a vehicle, it's an all-weather, off-road, off-grid tiny house on wheels ready for some serious adventure.

You can build your own or have one build for you.  To help you accomplish your dream, we started an article series  about all the different components (solar, heating, etc. ...).


Password protected articles

We currently have four password protected articles:

  1. "Overland travel: A dark night in Scotland"
  2. "Cost distribution of Terratrotter's expedition truck" (halfway the build)
  3. "How much does it cost to build your own expedition truck?"
  4. "Travel the world: Budgets revealed"

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Background about our expedition truck

We chose for the STEYR 12M18 - an Austrian ex-military vehicle -  as the chassis of our expedition truck. An FM2 Zeppelin-shelter from the German military is the frame of our camper unit. Combining the STEYR 12M18 with the Zeppelin-shelter results in a compact expedition truck that is build to go off-roading in all climates.


standard military version

1212 ton
MMilitary version
18180 hp
Weight (curb)6.3 ton
Payload capacity5.2 ton
Length6.36 meter
Width2.5 meter
Height3.24 meter
Engine6.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine
Engine power177 hp
Maximum road speedca. 100 km/h
Rangeca. 800km
Gearbox8 + 1 crawler
Configurationpermanent 4x4
Locking differentialscenter, rear & front

FM2 Zeppelin-Shelter

WeightApprox. 960kg
Wall thickness60mm (2 x 4mm alu)
Door1 (back)