Travel gear

Travel Gear

While building our expedition truck / tiny home on wheels,  we also had to think about what we wanted take with us on the road.

We looked for items that were 

  • multifunctional.  This safes us lots of space and money. (e.g., 3-in-1 jacket)
  • durable. Since we don't want to keep replacing them. This will also safe us money in the long run.
  • as light and compact as possible.

And we didn't forget about comfort either. 


Sustainable-Products Pay extra attention to products with this icon! These companies make a special effort to give back to society and/or to minimize our environmental footprint.

Disclosure: When you purchase one of the products through the links we provide you, we are given a tiny percentage of the sale. The little money we receive this way help us cover the cost of keeping this website online and up to date, without you having to pay a dime more for these products. We absolutely do not have the intention to trick you in any purchase. We strongly believe in the value of these products and will always write all the reviews honestly.  Our sole mission is to help others in making their dream come true.

Stackable organizer 

We love these for all our bolts, screws,.. and even for our first aid kit.
Carry one, or as many as you want at the same time.

6 in 1 ramp / recovery board

We have two of these. We use them to level the truck when parked, to help with recovery or with changing tires. Totally a good investment!

Washing Machine

We have done a lot or research into the different possibilities to wash our clothes on the road. Eventually we decided the Daewoo Mini Washer was the best solution for us. It's a compact, fully functioning washing machine, which runs on solar or shore power. No more searching for laundry facilities!

Discover more about the Daewoo mini washer and other alternative in our full review >

Dry / Separating / Composting Toilet

We built ours for over year ago, and we definitely will never return to the chemical or water consuming toilet. We're absolutely sold on it!


Nature's Head
The most compact dry toilet on the market.


Separett privy 501
To build your own dry separating toilet

We love these silicon bathroom organizers!

No screws - No holes in the walls - Offroad secure

We have two of these silicone caddies in our expedition truck's bathroom

Simply fantastic!  No screws,  no holes in the walls & Offroad secure


Safety razor

Use a safety razor, if you don’t want to go for the 100% bohemien look!

Last forever - Eco friendly - No electricity - Budget friendly - Quality shave

 All you need to know & different components!

Menstrual Cup - Ruby Cup close-up

Sustainable-ProductsThe Ruby Cup, for woman who want to enjoy the outdoors and overland travel.

Woman , Eco & Budget friendly - Buy one, Give one

Find out more >

I rarely use a female urination device, but the few times I had to I was very happy I had the Freshette with me.

Woman & Travel friendly - A life saver when in need 

Gear Review: Female Urination Devices - "It’s size, shape, and structure, makes it the most foolproof and efficient of all the devices". I totally agree!

Mason Pearson pocket brush

The Mason Pearson brush is truly different. Worth every penny!

Built to last forever - No more pain

I have mine for already 10 years,...!

Get rid of all the dust and sand that got into your car wit a compact vacuum cleaner

Numerous extensions - Good price - No vacuum bags

Find out more >

A collapsible bucket always comes in handy.

Compact - durable

A wonderful christmas gift from Elmer's family.

Overland Gear - Clogs

“Croc”-like clogs

I can't believe I post these on our gear's list, because I have to admit I think they are one of the ugliest shoes ever invented. But Elmer took his time to convince me to buy a pair. And I have to confess I have not regretted it yet. They are:

  • Versatile (public showers, pebble beaches, mud,  ...  a quick rinse afterwards and they look like new again)
  • Durable (I even 'accidentally' put them too close to the bonfire)
  • WAY TOO COMFORTABLE (even with a second pair of socks on)

BUT most of them do not score particularly high on overall sustainability. Thus, we keep our eyes open for a better solution. (Interested in the sustainability report of the real Crocs, follow this link to read their report)

12V/24V compressor fridge/freezer

For 10 years we had a Dometic Waeco 35 liter compressor fridge/freezer box. But since we got a 190 liter compressor fridge and freezer for our living unit, we had no use for it anymore and were still able to sell it. We got this smaller 18 liter freezer/fridge (19quartz) for our driver's cab. A cold drink and snack is always nice to have while driving on a sunny day. The 18liter is the smallest size that can still hold a 1,5 or even a 2 liter bottle. Although the box is already on the heavy side (9,5kg / 27lbs), the handle makes it still portable.

Mountain Espresso for Two, luxury espresso on the road.

Just imagine!

Italian espresso maker in the dessert

An Italian espresso maker(or Moka pot or Italian press), is by far our favorite method for making strong delicious coffee.

Compact - budget friendly - mobile - lightweight - durable 

More tips & info >

Coffee brew buddy, the hassle-free way for a quick cup of coffee.

Extremely compact & light - budget friendly - durable - no filters!

Still one of the best gift I received (thank you Angie)

Omnia Oven - Bread

Take the comforts of home with you on the road, with the Omnia stove top oven.

Compact - budget friendly - mobile - lightweight - durable 

 Click here for our full review > (incl. free cookbook)

A collapsible water kettle, for your morning cup of tea or coffee.

Compact - Durable 

The Hailo Tandem waste basket is one of the smartest items we installed in our tiny house on wheels.

Super practical - Space saver 

One of the best things we installed in our truck.

Sony Alpha 6000 Camera

Gain a new perspective on your travels with the Sony alpha 6000 camera!

Easy to use - Not heavy - All-rounder 

How photography gave us a new perspective...

The Tamron lens, an all-in-one zoom lens.

Only 1 lens - Safer - Easy to use

Find out more >

Capture sunsets, panoramas or wildlife with a travel tripod.

Compact - Light - Versatile - Budget-friendly

Overland Gear - Wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker

Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (Ecoxgear)

Elmer introduced me to this speaker by trowing it powered on into my 'oh so relaxing' bath. You can imagine the horror on my face while this situation was unfolding. But I'm still here and I now love this speaker, like Elmer does. As the title says it:

  • 100% waterproof (when we are not traveling it is standing in our shower)
  • bluetooth connection (you can stream music from your laptop, smartphone or tablet)
  • rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (stays charged for a long time; we never timed it but we believe the manufacturer's claim of "up to 10 hrs")
  • built in waterproof microphone  (so you should be able to take it with you in the ocean and answer a call if you feel the need to - but we never tested this)
  • lightweight & compact

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