Travel gear: Vacuum cleaner

When traveling with a larger vehicle / tiny home, a vacuum cleaner on board comes in really handy. Even when we still traveled with our Jeep Wrangler, we often wished we had this with us, just to get rid of all the dust and sand that got into the car. And now that we finally have one, it became one of our must-have-items.



We choose for this specific model for the following reasons:

  1. It’s not running on battery power, but has instead a very long cord. (In the past we had more bad than good experiences with appliances running on battery power; but if you prefer battery, they also have that option)
  2. It doesn’t need a vacuum bag (try finding the exact model in a foreign country)
  3. Easy to use & clean
  4. For a reasonable price
  5. Doesn’t take up much space, but has numerous extension pieces to reach those high and/or narrow spots.



Its only drawback is that it is noisy, but in return it does a perfect job.


You can buy it online here: