Our first bush camp with our expedition truck

First bush camp with expedition truck

Our first bush camp with our new expedition truck took place last weekend (2015). Even though we were short on time we were excited to spend at least one night away from the hustle and bustle. We had just installed our floating platform, one of the water tanks, and the fridge (incl. freezer). Time to test it out!


Just a 30-minute drive and we are there: A valley hidden from the main road. We set up camp on the edge, at the end of an agricultural path.view of first bush camp


With ease we slide out the platform, place the stepladder and open our fold-out chairs. What a beautiful warm day it is. Wait, some cocktails would be nice as well. Few minutes later we sit down with a cold gin tonic in our hands savoring the sun and the beauty of our surroundings. Luxury!

Side view of truck during first bush camp

In the distance we see a few walkers stroll by. They as well seem to enjoy the peacefulness of this valley. Thank you Elmer for locating this little gem.

When the night falls and the full moon rises, the tranquility of this place becomes apparent. No highway noises in the background; just a squirrel here and there stirring the leaves. Elmer points out that we need an app like Shazam but then for birdsongs. There is still too much about nature we don’t know. We move our eyes to the sky and with the help of SkyView app we learn about the constellations and asterisms above us.  The Big Dipper (Plough [UK], Großer Wagen [DEU] or Grote Beer [NL]), the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major, is located on the right of us; Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, on the left.  In the meanwhile three young deer join us on the meadow. What a sight!

Candle on step ladder

The evening wouldn’t be complete without testing our outdoor shower. It had been 34ºC (92ºF), thus a refreshing shower before heading to bed was welcomed. Under the night sky, with nobody in sight, we had the freedom to do this completely uncovered. There is something rejuvenating about that. Childhood memories of jumping through the sprinkler on hot summer days pop up into my mind. Except this time no dirty feet, since I was standing high above ground. This platform has proven to be one of the best ideas we had.

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11 thoughts on “Our first bush camp with our expedition truck
  1. Mooi verhaal. Uit de tekst blijkt dat jullie niet stil hebben gezeten en de truck steeds completer wordt.
    Ga door, maar we willen hem wel binnenkort weer eens zien.

    1. Hi Clive,

      Thanks for the compliment and for asking more information. We absolutely LOVE our floating platform (can’t stress this enough :-)). Hopefully sooner than later we will write down a full description, including our experiences with it during our latest trip to Croatia. As a teaser: it’s lighter than most expect it to be (2 men or strong women can remove the platform completely; one not so muscled woman -aka me- can slide it in and out in a jiffy ) and it’s multifunctional.


        1. Aah yes, you’re right. We’re currently updating/improving that article. Hope to get back online soon!

          Nicole & Elmer

  2. Bonjour,plate forme super!merci pour l’ingèniositèe et publication,j’amènage 1 iveco eurocargo 135e23 dèbut des travaux avec shelter idem ,salutations a tous france bordeaux100km gil

  3. Looks great

    I just bought a 20 ft ex army maintenance unit to fit onto the back of my mog

    Very interested in what you did inside yours

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