Overland Travel: A perfect bush camp in Italy

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As promised we made a short video of our number 1 bush camp. It’s a riverbed, located in Italy, near the Slovenian border. A place where you don’t see a soul, just the wild animals living around you.

At home in nature

It was early October when we spend a week here. Although the nights were very cold, we had beautiful sunny weather during the day. It was simply heaven. We relaxed, cooked, hiked in the woods, … and making full use of our outdoor shower. Oh yeah, Elmer somehow also changed the old drivers cabin suspension for new ones. In other words, we were “at home”.

Mating season

The entire week we also witnessed the burling of Red Deer stags. When we first heard them in the pitch-dark of the night, we had a little scare. They were only meters away from the truck and our first thought were “Bear?” Elmer who was standing outside at that moment, quickly returned to the truck. It took us a little to figure out which animal was making so much noise. (Luckily we still had cellphone reception 🙂 )
What a fantastic experience it was! Through the open window above our bed and warm underneath the covers, we listened to nature’s spectacle.

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