Looks are deceiving …

Pradena, a tiny village in the Province of Segovia, Spain. A town we would normally not have noticed, except ….


It’s the end of November when we drive, with what now feels like a monster of an expedition truck, through Pradena. Where did all the people go? The streets are totally empty. All the windows are closed. If we didn’t know better we would think the village is deserted.


But looks are deceiving!


Pradena is the home of our friends Alicia and JuanP – two die hard foodies (they even run a successful Spanish foodblog: La Barraca de las Papas). They gave us this address. So there must at least be 2 people living here.


And yes, there they are. Totally bewildered how big the truck looks like in real-time. After we find a suitable place to park the truck, Alica and JuanP take us to the local bar “Bar La Portada”.


Bar La Portada

This bar is everything except deserted. People chatting at the bar and around tables. Fluorescent lights above their heads, highlighting all their wonderful imperfections. And of course all of them with a glass of wine in their hand and free tapas to snack on. This is Spain!


The owner of the bar, Marie, welcomes us as if we are family. We love her on the spot.

Marie is a certified sommelier and her mom makes fresh tapas every day. We can’t hide our excitement.

We feasted on the wine and food. It was more than excellent. Who would have thought that fluorescent light would come with such magnificent delicacies? In return we promised a tour of the truck 🙂 Because well, they noticed us maneuvering through the little streets and they couldn’t hide their excitement either.

The next 2 days go by very quickly. We visited medieval villages and ate until we could not eat no more!


Tip: Try the Morcilla from the local butcher. This is the Spanish blood sausage. Something I probably would not have tried if I knew what it was (I don’t like the Belgian version). BUT the Morcilla is absolutely finger licking good.


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3 thoughts on “Looks are deceiving …
  1. mooi,oud gebouw en zeer lekker eten in Spanje en aan prijzen die betaalbaar zijn.

  2. They say that Spain is a great gastronomic destination, you can go to any place or island, there is fusion of cultures throughout history and the result is better to try it! Greetings from Murcia!

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