Overland Travel: Poland

Poland – Extra information & tips


  • Bush camping is generally tolerated – as long you don’t make any fire or roll out your fake grass carpet. In other words, respect your surroundings and they will not send you away.
    • Many forest roads are accessible for larger expedition trucks.  WOOOHOOOO
  • Exploring Cities – Tips where to stay overnight:
    • Gdańsk: The Academic Sports Centre of Gdansk University of Technology has an official secured campsite. Ideal for a visit to Gdańsk.
    • Poznań: We stayed overnight at a relative quiet, large secured parking lot (link to google maps). We paid approx. 10€ for 24hrs. The parking lot is less than 5min walk from the city centre!
  • Drinking one beer and you’re over the permitted alcohol level for driving (0.2).
  • The conditions of the Polish roads are relatively good.
    • There are few toll roads. To make use of them, vehicles heavier than 3.5 ton need to get a viaBOX – an on-board unit for electronic payment of the toll (viaToll, the electronic toll collection system; check their website for where to get and return the viaBOX).
  • Offroad Poland: The organization in charge of the offroad week


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4 thoughts on “Overland Travel: Poland
  1. Thanks again for the update Nicole.
    I’m sure that you have more to tell. Any chance of a Translation to English of your article?
    As for a catamaran I wouldn’t have a clue how to drive one.
    All the very best to you and Elmer

    Barry and Marilyn

    1. Thank you Barry for your support and enthusiasm. Once I finish translating the article I will make sure you get a copy!

      As for the catamaran: It was a steep learning curve for me as well. Luckily Elmer grew up sailing so I had an awesome instructor!

      Hope you and Marilyn are doing well, and that we will see you again soon.

      Nicole & Elmer

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