Overland travel: Scotland – Part 1

After our stop in South Yorkshire – England, visiting our friends Barry & Marylin and the Fitzwilliam Westworth Estate, we head up north to Scotland!

One of the highlights was our unplanned, spontaneous stop at the Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve. As quiet it was in the evening, as busy it turned out to be the next morning.

Around 7 AM we heard the first vehicle park next to us. Hmmm, strange hour to drive to this rather secluded spot. At 8 AM we were surrounded by at least 8 more vehicles (incl. multiple Land Rovers of course). Something is up! Time to say “Hello” to our neighbors.


Rescue Dogs & Quadratlon

Turns out they had a training day planned for their Rescue Dogs. We have to admit it was rather entertaining to watch these dogs finding “the bodies” .

But they were not our only visitors that day. Our stay at to this beautiful Reserve overlapped with a quadrathlon that took place this exact same day. They already swam and crossed several peaks when they passed the dam to conquer their last peak.

Elmer and I looked at each other, “should we follow them for a while“?

Although we did not intend to climb the peak, we joined these crazy Scots. With the exceptional beautiful sunny weather making it easier on us, we made it to the top. How proud we were & what a stunning view!  This experience was definitely a turning point for us. It motivated us to challenge ourselves more, to hike further and higher. Oh, and we did learn that when we go for a hike we should always take enough water and snacks along; you never know how far you will make it!


More videos and information about overlanding in Scotland coming soon!!!



Nicole & Elmer


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