Setting up camp in Romania

Living unit detached from the expedition truck

We’re now 2 weeks in Romania and we stay here for a while longer. Time to set up camp.

Note: We hung the tarp on the side, since that’s where we received a wifi-connection 🙂

Failed plan

In a previous post we explained that we decided upon Romania as our first destination because that gave us the chance to start our journey while getting the last things on our truck done. We discover now that this was a nice plan, but rather unrealistic. Getting things done in Romania takes time. So we need to finish some of the projects somewhere else. Curious where and when that will be.

Immobile tiny house

However,  now we have no other option than to wait. Our tiny house is no longer mobile. Last week, we took the living/camper unit of the chassis – which is one of biggest advantage of remodeling a container (in our case Zepplin FM2 shelter) for your expedition truck – to let professionals overhaul the drivers cab. Luckily we decided not to do this ourselves, because stripping it down revealed a rust issue we could not have properly resolved ourselves. We’re counting the days till we have our truck back. But when will that be? We hope in one or two weeks.

Aside from the setback we’re experiencing with getting the truck finished, we’re impressed by Romania’s mountain views. We’re definitely looking forward to continue exploring its gorgeous wild life.



To be continued …

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4 thoughts on “Setting up camp in Romania
  1. Wow that looks absolutely great. Do you have any other means of transportation whilst you are pitched up (bicycles etc.)
    Looking forward to your next posting.


    1. Thanks Barry for the reply and for following us.
      We have our mountain bikes with. We will try to get to the mountains with them this weekend.

      Nicole & Elmer

  2. Hallo Nicole & Elmer ,
    Leuk om te zien dat ze uiteindelijk met de Truck zijn begonnen . Jullie tijdelijke camp-site ziet er ook niet verkeerd uit.
    Voordeel is dat jullie de trap niet hoeven te gebruiken !
    Succes, we blijven jullie volgen!

    Grtz SteWiLa
    The Netherlands

    1. Dag Stephan & Lara,

      Tof dat jullie ons blijven volgen! Misschien passeren we nog wel eens in Achterveld.
      We hadden inderdaad een slechtere tijdelijke camp-site kunnen hebben. Momenteel staat er een paard met kar, incl. veulen, bij de buren. Dat bezorgd ons nog wat extra entertainment.

      We houden jullie op de hoogte van de vooruitgang en natuurlijk ook van onze reizen.

      Nicole & Elmer

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