New door and windows for our tiny house

It took us a while to decide where to buy our windows and new side door. KCT windows did not fit our budget, but the affordable plastic Seitz windows on the other hand had several drawbacks that concerned us. Plastic scratches easily and thus not the best choice for 0ff-road adventures. We also heard from multiple travelers that mosquitoes still find there way pass the screens. In addition, we found that their plastic handles not that sturdy. This made us worried that with our intensive use they would need to be replaced within a few years. Thus the search continued. Then we discovered Outbound (in the Netherlands) and their double-glass windows. Although still pricy (therefore only 2 windows and a door – incl. 3-point lock – to start with), their quality seems robust. We will keep you up to date with how this works out for us.

4-6 weeks after ordering, our goods were ready. Although Outbound provides instruction videos about how to do the installation yourself, we thought it was better to leave it to the experts. We did not want to mess this one up. This turned out to be the right choice in our case. Even though the fiber film on the inside walls got a little damaged (next time we just ask them to tape it off more) they did an excellent job; especially since the walls are not exactly straight. To allow more natural sunlight inside, we plan to have more windows installed in the future, but first we have other expenses to make. At least we can already take it for a few test runs.

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7 thoughts on “New door and windows for our tiny house
    1. Hi Ruud,

      It seems like we urgently have to do a follow-up on this post. So eventually we installed 4 windows (incl. a smaller one in the door) and roof fan
      The windows (except the one in the door) are 65 x 40 cm in size. Notwithstanding the roller blinds covering some part of the windows, we are happy with the amount of natural light inside the truck. We were surprised however how much extra light the roof fan and the doorwindow let in.
      I think the size of windows depends largely on your own preferences, the interior layout and the position of the windows. We have a rather open space layout, therefor the light through the windows can spread out. Remember also that the larger or the more windows you have, the more heat or cold can enter your living unit. The trick is to find the right balance for you and your camper.

      Hope this already helps!
      Nicole & Elmer

  1. hello, what type o profesionals helped you – the windows guys from bulding industry or camper developers?
    thank you 🙂

    1. We have our windows from Outbound (Motorhome products). They build windows specially for campers. We can definitely recommend these, still the best product on the market to our opinion.

      Nicole & Elmer

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