Preparing the shelter walls

Shelter aluminum rails removedREMOVAL OF ALUMINUM RAILS – With the weather improving somewhat we took the chance to get some more work done in the shelter. We took out the aluminum rails by removing hundreds of rivets. A few metal drill bits (5mm) were sacrificed for this. In addition, most of the old, dirty, glued-on heater insulation has been removed.


PREPPING THE WALLS – With sore neck muscles we are reminiscing about today’s hard work: We tackled the holes that were left behind by removing the aluminum rails. First, they had to be smoothed out, using a special drill-bit (just click on the pictures to enlarge them):
drill drill_before drill_after


Next, we filled them with a special adhesive (Power Mix from Car System) which dries quickly and does not shrink. Neither of us found this a particular fun job; especially the ceiling with more than 300 holes was a challenge. It took us 4-5hrs to finish this entire job (including scraping off the excess adhesive afterwards). Yiehaaa!
 Adhesive gun Adhesive Holes filled

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