Overland travel: Washing your clothes on the road

Daewoo Mini Washer | Overland travel | Terratrotter

One of the challenges overland travelers face is how to wash your clothes. Before we left for our big adventure we identified 6 primary options, each with it benefits and drawbacks: Laundromat or other laundry services Laundy machine at a caravan/rv park Shower or sink (on board or at a camp site) Wide neck drum Hand or foot […]

Diesel pest: Dealing with diesel contamination

We’re finally on our way to Romania. But before we left we first addressed our diesel contamination issue: “diesel-pest” – fuel residue. Diesel pest is a natural micro-organism in conventional diesel, which propagates immensely in the diesel system (tank, filters, …) due to condensation.  As a result we experienced torque issues and clogged filters.  With the […]