We survived the holidays!

work on interior expedition truck

Wow. Time just accelerated the last few weeks. 2016 is already here when we are still processing what took place in 2015. Our new year’s resolution? Totally slipped our mind, EXCEPT making our dream come true.

So with the little free time we had left these last few weeks we continued the work on the truck. We got our hands dirty with the diesel tank and filters – okay, okay Elmer and our friend Holger did. I can’t believe they got it “sparkling” clean again. And although still far from completion, with most of the cabinets and kitchen installed, the interior is finally starting to take shape (pictures will follow). The shelter is becoming less of a container, and more and more a home. Soon we can concentrate on the shower and sofa or the water and heating system or ….. Still much to do 🙂

These last 3 days we did not only install a kitchen in the truck, we also installed one (and flooring) in the smaller apartment we are moving into. The second stage of downsizing (first being selling the Jeep) is now in full swing.

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2 thoughts on “We survived the holidays!
    1. That is great Emilio! Do you already have any ideas what kind? We hope our posts will help you on your way with making it come true. And if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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